About Us

the formation of the Eacham Historical SocietyIn 1976 a group of concerned citizens formed the Eacham Historical Society.

Their aim was to study and record the history of our pioneers who are daily passing out of our lives taking with them, irreparably, the kind of information needed to be preserved for future generations.

EHS has monthly meeting, usually with a guest speaker; organises field trips to historical sites and publishes books, history bulletins and a newsletter and also manage a folk museum.

Where are we?

historical map of the Atherton TablelandsThe Eacham Historical Society is located in Malanda on the Atherton Tablelands, North Queensland, Australia. The Eacham Historical Society is leaving footprints across North Queensland.

A special project of the society is to mark sites of historical significance. Click on the Eacham Historical Society Historical Map of the Atherton Tablelands (right) to view:

• track of Ludwig Leichhardt – 1845
• track of Edmond Kennedy – 1848
• track of Christy Palmerston – 1884
• track of Christy Palmesrton – 1885
• 10 sites of EHS historical plaques

Plaques of historical significance include:
1. Edmund Kennedy, Petford
2. Christie Palmerston, Millaa Millaa Falls
3. Grave of John Gilbert, Rutland Downs Station
4. Trail blazer George E. Clarke, Lamins Hill
5. Davidson family cemetery, Butchers Creek
6. Christie Palmerston and Pompo, Millaa Millaa
7. Leichhardt’s Tree, Wyoming Station
8. Top Gate, the Gillies Highway
9. Stannary Hills Cemetery
10. Lonestar Pass, Palmer River Goldfields

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